Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A Long Dark Road

A long dark road is ahead. Some people will have flashlights or candles to assist them. They become highly dependant on these tools. The moment these tools refuse to cooperate or just somehow disappear, they are stuck on the long dark road writhing in pain and sorrow, too used to the accompaniment of the light and have become effectively blind without the aid of light. So many will just sit and die there, refusing to continue their journey and being able to live a non vicarious life. So few gather the strength to continue walking the dark path and learn again to walk unaided.
I am beginning to travel on this long dark road. To light, or not light the candle, that is the question.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

What Does Being a Supporter at the Olympics mean?

The Olympics today is akin to modern "war". Athletes represent countries and fight for glory (usually and one would hope, without the intention of killing anyone). National pride takes front stage, sometimes above reason. You support the athlete for the reason that the athlete was born on the soil which you were born from. You wouldn't think twice about insulting another athlete from another soil. Yet, this soil is divided by nothing more than imaginary lines; imaginary lines which we, as a human race have come to create and accept without question. Lines shouldn't divide land, that's the job of the ocean.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Leon Trotsky's On The Jewish Question (Short Review)

I actually began reading the book on 5.4.2015, but due to revisions and classes, I've only got to finish it today (12.6.2015).

Trotsky believes that the revolution of the proletariat towards a communist state has to be a global one; small, localized revolutions will not do. Trotsky, referring to Frederick Engels label of anti-Semitism as the "socialism of idiots" implies that the "socialism" advocated by Hitler and Stalin is not "socialism" in its truest sense at all. Accordingly, he believes breaking down racial barriers is for the betterment of all. Thus, for Trotsky, the emancipation of Jews will mark a step closer to the emancipation to mankind.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Our Love is a Black Hole

We knew we were meant for each other. Always did. Even before we met.

"May the stars bear witness of our love."

Our force of emotions collided and shined brighter than the brightest stars. We knew this much.

But alas, like all stars, our love had to die. Our love collapsed within itself forming a black hole - crushing all who dare traverse near. We knew it was the end. We knew we had to let it die.


At the centre of this gargantuan mass called the black hole lies a singularity. It would seem that those who manage to reach this singularity have access to dimensions beyond fathom. What we understand as "time" can be seen as three dimensional planes and landscapes.

I then realize that I'm highly mistaken. We never really die. Love and ideas never really die. It lives on indefinitely in abstract. It is an essence that cannot simply be put into form and transcends what we understand as time.

Our love and thoughts live forever. We live forever.

Monday, 2 March 2015

If Love was a Cup of Coffee

Is this the fate of love? Our love was once as fragrant, roasty and aromatic as a cup of joe - an americano. It was warm. It kept us awake. Dare I say - It kept us alive. I'll admit that there were bitter notes, but if you paid attention the devil's details, you'll find other flavourful hints of citrus, cocoa and spice. Like the Holy Grail, this nectar of the heavens was endless and from it we drank our everlasting fill, rejoicing the days that pass us. It was a truly the paragon of a coffee connoisseurs' delight. 

But now that enough time has passed for this ceramic mug, the same cup no longer feels warm. All you taste from the black liquid is but a bitter swill. Re-heating it cannot restore its complex flavours no matter how refined your technique is. It can still keep us awake - but no longer does it keep us alive. The same cup of brewed coffee will not taste the same ever again.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sex. Law. Stuff.

A little late but here goes:-

There is a problem if an archaic and outdated piece of legislation punishes "unnatural acts". I'm pretty sure a good number of (Malaysian) adults have engaged in fellatio, cunnilingus and anal sex regardless of sexual orientation. Shouldn't they be punished too? Oh yeah, they shouldn't be punished. Or rather they can't. Because that would mean charging of about 50% of adults in Malaysia and who's gonna make revenue for the government if these (working) adults are jailed? 

Anyone who says that the law is the law and that it should not questioned is clearly putting a foot in his mouth. Laws need to be constantly scrutinized and criticized so that the proper authorities know what kind of laws are suitable and desired by the people at a particular given time. A change in moral zeitgeist (the moral spirit of time) is essential to a flourishing society which is evolving where obsolete laws are abolished while replaced with new ones. Our beloved country doesn't seem to be heading that direction at Mach speed anytime soon, while we are reminded of the Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020).

There is a problem if the judiciary, legislation (parliament) and executive (government) cannot be criticized if they are not exercising their functions properly and need to be kept in check. Who else can keep them in check if not the voice of the rakyat (the people)?

Selective prosecution seems to be rampant? Sedition this? Sedition that? Meh. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Memories of...

"I feel bad for her. Isn't it such a pity to lose her memories?", said Cassandra as she gazed into the evening sun shining in vermilion brilliance.

"It might be a good thing too... To lose your memories. To forget the pain and suffering." He then gazed away from the blinding sun.